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I was getting my Erasmus year in Netherlands, even though I havent expected to go there it seemed really interesting for me to go there. I know Germany, the country I life in, is not really far from Netherland, but I basically didnt know a lot about Holland. Im really writing this article now with no further sources and just write what comes into my head, because I also feel like expressing what I have experienced. Until then I just have been once in the Netherlands in Amsterdam to see this beautiful city. Okay, I just came to Nijmegen without expecting a lot and there was I, in Nijmegen, a rather small city in the West of Netherlands.


The university organized the Introduction Week so good, everything was well organized and I had a group (18 rocks!) with whom we discovered the university and the city. First of all, the university is amazing, it has everything you want. The sport offer was even bigger than mine in Germany, which already is a really big one. You basically could do everything you wanted (pity that I didn’t found the time and just went to the gym and once to a yoga and meditation course). The university also offered a chaplaincy which was in kind of a church building which I found amazing. They had meet and eat every wednesday where you could meet new people and eat different food from different countries every week. Also they offered a lot of other things like laughing yoga, religious activities, anti winter depression activities, several musical instruments, a muslim prayer room and a meditation room, which I used quiete often.  Such a thing is so important in every university to keep the mental health, the believe, the social contact and cultural exchange in the university. I am really thinking of opening such a thing at my place if it is possible in some way. Beside that fact they also have free pianos in a lot of train stations in Netherlands that everybody can play. This simple thing resembles the morality of the dutch people in my opinion because the dutch people are so open minded and transparent people in my view.

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You can also see this in the way they live in houses that everybody can look into and also they dont dare to say their opinion in public. At the same time the language they speak contents parts of a lot of other language. Dutch people are really proud of their country and are a bit crazy, in a good way. Dutch people are really tall and the women are really beautiful, probably due to all that biking. I felt myself really free and open in netherlands, the land were you can bike everywhere and where there are basically no dirty and ugly places. They have big streets and the individuality of the people is really big, which you also can see in Amsterdam, a city of diversity and modernity. Sometimes the houses and ornaments remember me of England architecture, but maybe its also the other way around. Everywhere you go in Netherland you can find amazing activities,street art,museums,events and so on. The Dutch people also really know how to party, beside the fact that cannabis is legalized in Holland, so weed plays a role on every party and in daily life of a bunch of people. In the city in Nijmegen I could do so many things close by like ice skating, go carting, partys, a lot of street events and museums. Never have i ever eaten so much frites, garlic souce, croquettes, cheese, syrup waffles and fried stuff in my life than in netherlands, so I was happy that I still had to ride my dutch bike quiete often than getting fat.



Erasmus is a great opprtunity for meeting new people from all over the world, I really enjoyed the atmosphere which is only available in Erasmus. Because of that you can experience new things, do different stuff that you never did, because everybody is just open for something new. I really learned fighting for my attitudes and be authentic, because thats the only thing you can do in life, there are so many other people out there but you will just be happy if you just say what u think and feel. Then you automatically also meet the right people, because sometimes its really hard to know with which people you should hang out with, because in my opinion sometimes everybody can be intersting.  Life is like a dream you live and the best thing is sharing this with other people. I recognized that socialising the often you can brings you the best mood and the best experiences, doing it by yourself is not the best. Well of course, sometimes you also need to go by yourself or have time for yourself. Sometimes for me it was also a little bit too much and I got depressed and unsure of what I should do, but thats just what it is and I think a lot of ther people experience this too. Beside that I gained a lot of knowledge also just by beeing there and living my life. You just find yourself talking to a girl about drug experience, talking to a spanish guy about deep philosophy,psychology and spirituality, to a turkish girl about the awesome food in Turkey. You just catch the way of people life in other countries, like the easy going swedish lifestyle or the problems of the tribes in Somalian culture, but at the same time enjoying Somali tea. You found yourself at different places and cities, recognising how beautiful the world is.


Netherlands has more to offer than just cheese,tulips and windmills, for sure! Its really worth it to go and I would recommend everybody to go on this journey!

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